How to Know He’s Interested

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Today’s dating scene is not as transparent as the surroundings from decades ago. With constant communication via text, Facebook, Twitter and IMs, it can be tricky to tell if man likes you or is just being a participant. Watch for these signs to learn how to know he is interested.

Body Language

If a guy likes you, he’ll often demonstrate his interest by his body language. He may lean toward you, cross his arms if you talk about other men or finds excuses to get into your space.


A guy will frequently make up excuses to touch you if he is interested in you. He might rub your shoulders, caress your face, place his hand on your knee, not retract his leg when it touches yours or place his hands on top of yours.


If a man suddenly increases how frequently he contacts you, he could be devastating. By way of instance, if he used to post on your Facebook page once weekly, but it is now a daily occurrence, this means he is spending extra time on your page and is checking you out. If you and he have a friendly relationship, but he wants you to go out with him to different places, he is needing to change your relationship into a romantic one.


A guy that is interested in you may try to impress you. He could do it by citing factual information to seem more intelligent, tell a series of jokes or pull some stunt. He might also alert you to monetary successes at Houston Animal Removal to demonstrate that he is a stable force and someone you should consider.


If you’re on a more personal level with a guy and you ask him for a favor, he will deliver. He might view this promise to you as a test to see whether he is a dependable person. If he says he’ll call, he will call. If he claims to be somewhere at a certain time, he will be there.

Eye Contact

If a guy is really interested in you, he’ll constantly make eye contact with you. You may also notice he remembers little things that you said during an unimportant conversation. You might also catch him looking at you and then quickly averting his gaze when he sees that you captured him.


Although it might seem counter intuitive, sometimes when a guy likes you he will defraud you. This is because some advisers for male dating suggest this strategy and, sadly, it kind of works. When a man insults you, this may drop your confidence for some time and then you will want to be raised back up and get validation.

Third Parties

Sometimes when a guy likes you, but is afraid of rejection, he may send a friend to feel the waters and determine if you are interested in him, too.

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