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Grantee FAQ’s

  1. What is my Petfinder Shelter ID?
    • Please contact Petfinder at [email protected] for assistance locating your Petfinder Shelter ID.
  2. What does it mean to be in good standing with Petfinder?
    • To be in good standing with Petfinder means you are actively posting adoptable pets on Petfinder and maintaining up-to-date pet listings.
  3. Who can apply for cash grants from The Petfinder Foundation?
    • All Petfinder members located in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico are eligible to apply. We are unable to assist organizations located outside North America.
  4. Who can apply for product grants from The Petfinder Foundation?
    • At this time only groups located in the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, are eligible to apply for product grants.
  5. How long does it take until I know the outcome of my grant application?
    • It may take up to 60 days from the “submitted” date to receive communication via email about the outcome of your application.
  6. Do you offer grants for all species of pets?
    • Most of our grant programs are available to all varieties of adoptable pets. When available, the Bar Dog Operation Grant, Disaster Grant, Emergency Medical Grant and our Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant all support any type of adoptable pet.
  7. How long are your grants open?
    • Most of our grant programs are open all year long beginning January 15th through November 30th or until all funding is exhausted.
  8. Where did my application draft go?
    • An application sitting in Draft status for more than 60 days will be moved to Abandon status. You will have to begin a new grant application once its been changed to Abandon.
  9. If my application is declined can I apply again?
    • You can apply as many times as you like. Being declined does not automatically exclude you from applying again.
  10. If I am awarded a grant can I apply for another one?
    • You can apply for a grant from a different program but you can only be awarded one grant from each grant program per calendar year.
  11. How do I calculate the number of pets a grant will benefit?
    • Please do the best you can to provide the number of adoptable pets that will benefit from a grant within the same calendar year. Please note that all Emergency Medical grants must only benefit ONE pet.
  12. Do you only grant to large adoption groups?
    • We consider adoption groups of all sizes for our grant programs. You’ll notice from our Success Stories we have a wide range of awarded Petfinder members from smaller groups with a couple of adoptable pets up to larger groups with more than 40 adoptable pets listed on Petfinder. 
  13. Can I edit a grant application created by another user tied to my organization?
    • No, you will only be able to edit or resubmit an application created under your username.  However, you can view other users’ applications from your organization.
  14. I want to opt out of all grant communications, how do I submit this request?
    • Please email [email protected] the request to opt-out from all email communication from the Petfinder Foundation’s Grant-Management System.
  15. What if the Total Project Cost exceeds the maximum grant funding?
    • When the total projected cost is significantly higher than maximum grant funding, be sure to explain how the additional money will be secured through other avenues, such as fundraising campaigns or donations allocated to cover the total project cost.
  16. Why do I have to provide a physical address when applying for Product grants like KONG toys and P.L.A.Y. pet beds?
    • Product grants cannot be shipped to a PO Box, please provide a physical shipping address within the grant application fields.   
  17. We have a problem with our grant check and need it to be reissued. What is the process to request a replacement?
    • Mailed checks that were damaged in the mail or checks that we made out to an incorrect payee name will be considered for reissue. Please send an email to [email protected] providing your organization name, Petfinder Shelter ID, and awarded grant program with a description as to why you need the check reissued.  Be sure to keep the check your organization is unable to deposit as we will request that you VOID the grant check and mail it back to the Petfinder Foundation before sending out a replacement.
  18. Our group cannot accept the grant we were awarded, who do we contact about this?
    • We appreciate a group’s honesty and never want to hear it is your decision to forfeit grant funding.  Please send an email to [email protected] providing your organization name, Petfinder Shelter ID, and awarded grant program explaining the reason why you cannot accept the grant.
  19. How do I tag the Petfinder Foundation in a Facebook post?
    • When starting a new post, please include @petfinderfoundation within your text so it will be visible to the Petfinder Foundation.  This is part of the “Thank You Requirement” and when including @petfinderfoundation it will auto-populate us from a list for you to grab our name.
  20. Why do you require a “thank you” post on Facebook within 30 days of receiving my grant?
    • It is our high priority that the Petfinder Foundation receive a Facebook post allowing us to express our grant program success as we share the post with our generous supporters and corporate partners so that we can continue to give grants.  
  21. How do I submit my grant report?
  22. What if I am not ready to submit my grant report within three months?
    • If you are unable to submit your grant report within the specified time frame it’s imperative that you contact [email protected]. Provide details as to why your organization is not able to submit by the grant report due date and request an extension. Failure to due so will result in your organization being ineligible for future grants.
  23. I have specific questions about a grant. Who do I contact?
    • Most questions about individual grant programs can be answered by reviewing the Grant Details in the application so please check there first. If you are unable to locate an answer to your question you can email [email protected] or call our office at 520-207-0626.
  24. Why is my grant portal account deactivated?
    • The Petfinder Foundation reserves the right to deactivate your account at any time without notice. For specific details about your account you can email [email protected] or call our office at 520-207-0626.