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Templates and Guides

Need help with your grant report or required social-media grant announcement? Wondering what to include in a donor thank-you note? We’ve complied templates, guides, and other resources to help with all these things — and more!

Social Media Announcements

Social media grant announcements are important. Facebook posts and grant reports allow us to demonstrate our grant program success as we share them with our group of generous supporters and corporate partners so that we can continue to give grants. But they dont just benefit us. Your posts are also shared with our large Facebook audience so think of these, not just as something you are required to do, but as a great way to gain exposure for the wonderful work that your organization is doing!

Here are some helpful tips and a few example posts

  • Tag @petfinderfoundation on Facebook.
  • Include the name of the grant you received i.e. Emergency Medical Grant.
  • Add a photo of one of your adoptable pets. If the grant is for a specific pet use a pic of him/her and include a link to their page on Petfinder if they are still waiting to be adopted.
  • Posts don’t have to be long (unless you have a lot to share), just a sentence or two is great!
    • SAMPLE: Thank you to the @petfinderfoundation for awarding <Your Shelter/Rescue Name> a <Insert Grant Received>! We will use this grant to <Describe How the Cash/Product Will Benefit Your Adoptable Pets>.

Grant Report Tips

Reporting on how the grant you received helped your adoption organization and the pets in your care is the final step in the grant process.

  • We know your time is valuable so completing your grant report shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes.
  • Tell us how the grant was used and give at least one example of a specific pet that benefited from the grant.
  • If you need help remembering specifics about the grant you received log-in to our grant portal to view your submitted application. It should include all of the details you need for the report.
  • Add photos of your adoptable pets. At least one photo is required but the more you add the better. Remember these get posted on our website as Success Stories and are sometimes used in our fundraising which all means more exposure for your shelter/rescue.

Need some inspiration? Check out these great grant reports:

Thanking Donors

Donors are vital to your organizations success and sending a thank you letter or email is a simple way to let them know you appreciate their support! We have put together some tips and templates to help guide you.