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Pets in Texas Need Help Now

Collins at Operation Kindness

When a devastating winter storm hit Texas last week, most residents lost power during freezing temperatures. Millions continue to lack heat and water — including animal shelters.

“We had a pipe freeze during the winter storm, [so] our rescue has no water,” says Marlene Heavner of Cowboy Capital Pet Assistance League in Bandera. “We are harvesting snow and rainwater runoff for our dogs.

Like them, adoption groups statewide are doing whatever they can to keep their pets safe. We are rushing them disaster grants to help. Below are a few of the groups we’re assisting.

Annie at Cowboy Capital Pet Assistance League

Cowboy Capital Pet Assistance League is not only without running water, it also needs heat lamps to warm its kennels during the record low temperatures. “We don’t have heaters as we have never needed them before,” says Heavner.

Ace at Operation Kindness

Operation Kindness in Carrollton flooded after a pipe burst. “We have also been experiencing power outages all week, making it impossible to keep the shelter warm,” says Grants Manager Amy Udell. “We are trying to place the animals currently at the shelter into foster care.”

Bella at Fort Worth AC&C

Fort Worth Animal Care & Control is rescuing pets left outside to suffer in the frigid temperatures. “Calls for animals without shelter outside have increased exponentially,” says Shelter Superintendent Jessica Brown, “and our field staff has been responding as quickly as possible.”

Bobbi Jeanne at Safe Haven Cat Sanctuary

At Safe Haven Cat Sanctuary in Haslet, “we had to borrow a generator to provide heat for the shelter so the cats would not freeze to death,” says Debra Jeanne Crafton. “There are permanent residents [with] fragile immune systems, which means exposure to extreme weather conditions could be fatal.”

We can only only help these groups because donors like you support the Petfinder Foundation Disaster Fund. Your donation today will help even more pets.



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